Glass/quartz fiber optic is widely used in industrial and medical area. Such as laser television, laser sensor, dental curing light, fiber optic patch cord, etc.

Glass/quartz fiber optic that can work in 500℃maximumly have great heat-resistance. Glass/quartz fiber optic can transmit different light in different wavelength. IR, UV and visible light are all can be transmitted well in glass/quartz fiber optic light guide. Based on different waveband, Hard Clad Silica (HCS) Fiber Optic can be divided into Ultraviolet Hard Clad Silica (UVHCS) Fiber Optic and Infrared Hard Clad Silica (IRHCS) Fiber Optic.

Numerical Aperture (NA): 0.22±0.02、0.27±0.02;

Core-Cladding Ratio(CCDR):  1:1.04、1:1.05、1:1.1、1:1.2、1:1.4

Most of our glass fiber optic and quartz fiber optic products are customized. Clients need to provide sample or drawing before making. Nanjing Giant will give customer some professional advise to help customer get the final design. 

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